Intercaste Love Marriage Problems

Intercaste Love Marriage Problems :- The Inter-cast love marriage and religion are the integral parts of the Indian society. These two systems which create water tight compartment that is established between communities and by this gap, bring division, hatred, and tension which is among the Various social groups, the basic or in other words, we can also say that the fundamental groups in the Indian society which is not of class division but of caste division, marriage within the same caste or religion which is the rule of land of the Indian society. To think of marriages that is established between different or various castes and the religion of in the different ways or condition, To think about the marriages that is established between two couples i.e said to be the marriage of inter caste marriage .

The Inter-cast love marriage Problems that in which recently there are different forms in which the first one is modernization, the second one is westernization, the third one is democratization, and the fourth one is development which has brought lots of positive changes in the Indian society. The major objective of the present paper which is to understand the Social and legal issues which is involved in the inter Inter-cast love marriage and also inter religious types of marriages in the country of India. The Discrimination which are on the basis of caste and religion which are like a halt to the progress of the country of India. For centuries of the Indian society which has been divided on the basis of caste system and also on the basis of religion.

When there is creating the marriage between the different castes and also communities then it is like a taboo, this is used or utilized for most of the people. But it is mainly believed by the various Social reformers, that is used in the sense of remove the barrier of caste and religion. The Inter caste marriage is that which is used against the society , family , friends etc, this marriage is regarded as not only as social institution of India but this marriage is also said to be sacrament , Call Now intercaste Love Marriage Problems Solution Aghori baba ji your one call and get solution

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